About ATI

About ATI

Your Best Interest is Ours

Our expertise in agriculture is unrivaled.

As industry leaders, we evaluate risk and determine appropriate strategies to manage that risk environment. Our tactics are aggressive, specific and technologically-advanced. We allocate resources to maintain our leadership position in our industry.

We continue to adapt to the changing environments of our sector, while moving forward and investing in our customers’ futures. Keeping that proactive approach in mind, we believe in identifying solutions before problems have surfaced.

When it comes to partnership, we mean it when we say we are in it with you. We take a granular, hands-on approach to working together because when we understand your operations at this level, we can provide partnership like no other.

We are truly better together.




Incorporated in 1980, Advance Trading was the dream of six individuals with experience in the grain industry as elevator managers and merchandising consultants. These individuals saw the need to develop an independent source of information for North American grain elevators — one that could provide an informed, international perspective in an increasingly globalized and complex market. In order to maintain objectivity, deliver unbiased marketing advice, and remain equally committed to all its customers, Advance Trading chose to be a nonproprietary firm.

In 1984, Advance Trading launched its producer marketing program from the company's headquarters in Bloomington, Illinois. From that seed grew our current branch network of strategically placed offices, each of which focuses entirely on the marketing aspect of farmers' operations in one specific area. This kind of expansion has allowed us to establish and maintain long-term relationships with our producer clients and develop strategies tailored to fit their individual business needs.


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