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The challenges producers face today can be daunting. Finding the time to monitor, understand, and execute grain marketing has become increasingly difficult. Today's marketing plan often appears to be based on logistics and cash flow, not on risk management. This type of reactive management results in quick fixes, rather than proactive, long-term solutions. 

Now more than ever, marketing grain and livestock demands expertise, experience, and constant attention. Advance Trading's producer marketing branches can educate and steer producers through these difficult times. We believe in simplicity and sound solutions to help balance and manage risk. Reviewing market factors such as fundamentals, regulations, weather, price volatility, etc., provides a foundation for a plan that is easy to understand and execute, regardless of what the market does. You can count on Advance Trading Producer Marketing Consultants to provide: 

  • Sound, time-tested risk management guidance. Our loyal, dedicated, and experienced consultants have consistently provided sound advice in every market environment since 1984.


  • Long-term relationships with trusted consultants. Advance Trading consultants are regionally located and part of your local farming community. As trusted consultants, they are invested in understanding your needs and developing personal relationships. Our consultants collaborate with team members to foster the best risk management strategy for each individual producer in an effort to achieve positive business results.


  • Knowledgeable consultants with experience. Our consultants are armed with diverse experience and extensive agribusiness backgrounds to effectively guide clients through the complexity of managing risk in today's environment.


  • Objectivity and impartial analysis. We are an employee-owned organization that does not take proprietary positions. Decisions and recommendations are based on long-term strategies that are in the best interest of the client. We are driven by providing practical advice and solid risk management solutions to our clients.


  • Recommendations supported by collaboration and extensive research. Our consultants are backed by a sophisticated and professionally staffed research department dedicated to analyzing economic information and interpreting changes in market risk. Through the collaboration of ideas and a complete understanding of the market, consultants work closely with clients to deliver the best strategy and measurable results.


  • Personalized management software. Advance Trading has developed software to track customer performance and execution and allows you to see your positions daily.

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Advance Trading, Inc. is a forward-thinking non-proprietary commodity brokerage firm providing risk management and market guidance to producers, elevators, and end users.