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Advance Trading’s Hedge Management System Software Makes Buying and Selling Commodities Easier than Ever.


Our Hedge Management System (HMS) helps you increase speed
and accuracy, and reduces the risk of human error.

Watch our video to learn how HMS streamlines
the entire purchasing and selling process.

Orders Live Ledger

The orders screen , or ledger, gives a live picture of all activity for the day. There are 5 ledgers that make up the Live ledger Screen:


  • Order Summary

  • Basis Summary

  • Orders

  • Offers

  • Quotes


  • HMS offers information directly from CINCH®, AGRIS, AgVantage and numerous other platforms.

  • Users can export information from HMS to virtually any accounting software.

  • Our programmers will work with your accounting software provider to enable data transmission to and from the platform you currently use.

Basis Management

  • HMS employs a live DPR that empowers merchandisers to monitor company purchases and sales in real-time, so you always know exactly how you're positioned. 

  • HMS also allows customers to import their company basis information.  This enables the capability to update and manage working orders with the click of a button.


  • Purchase and Sales

    • Purchase and Sales activity for a specific date or range of dates.

  • Hedge

    • Hedge action taken by ATI by date or range of dates.

  • Orders

    • Live Ledger activity by date range. This includes all hedges, cash contracts, pending and working fills.

  • Gross Margin

    • Reflects all purchases and sales by date, location, and user.

  • Basis

    • Summarizes what was bought and sold by location, commodity and crop year.

  • Open Orders

    • Shows all pending and working (offers backed by a ticket working on the exchange) orders.

Advance Trading’s ‘HMS’ is an integrated part of our grain business and has been for 15 years.  We depend on several efficiencies HMS provides, including hedging accuracy and the ability to manage our position in real-time.  The streamlined communication HMS delivers between our Trading Room and our sales team at multiple locations is invaluable.


— Chris Smyth, Grain Trader, THOMPSONS LIMITED



HMS greatly reduces risks associated with every day grain marketing activities and it makes my job easier because the program was designed using input from users like myself. Plus, it’s like having another person on my staff with all the helpful people at ATI working on our behalf. They take the time to learn how we use HMS, teach us how to better utilize its functionality and they even oversee our entries, catching occasional errors by one of our company users. Therefore, I know I can count on accurate HMS reports to help me make critical merchandising decisions.

Scott Hillius, Country Partners Coop


Let Advance Trading show you how HMS can deliver team efficiency and customer satisfaction, along with trusted risk management. 

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