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HMS - Hedge Management System

HMS, short for Hedge Management System, is a user friendly program that enables commercial elevators, or any commercial company that handles and merchandises grain, to successfully track, manage, and hedge their grain positions. The program is customizable and can be utilized by its users to consolidate all commercial locations into one easy-to-use platform. Among its many features, HMS provides a working ledger (a live snap shot of the customers' working hedge position), a way to track orders and offers, a live company bid sheet, as well as trading history, market information, and live quotes directly from the trading exchange. HMS may also be synced to the customer's in-house accounting software, including CINCH®, AGRIS®, AgVantage® and numerous other platforms, creating ease with transferring trades and contract information. HMS is the one-stop-shop for managing a customer's risk and merchandising needs. 


RMP - Risk Management Program

RMP was designed to help branch brokers better serve their customers by providing detailed reports highlighting the customer's risk management. It will show their performance using Advance Trading's risk management tools as well as identify areas of their risk management program that need more attention. RMP has the added benefit of combining the cash side of the customer's marketing program with the futures and options that are traded with Advance Trading. This program allows the broker to follow the customer's trades throughout several years and show them their overall profit or loss.


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